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Prompt Engineering: The Future of Jobs in the Age of ChatGPT..

If you are looking for a new career opportunity in the fast-growing field of artificial intelligence (AI), you might want to consider becoming a prompt engineer. Prompt engineering is a concept in natural language processing (NLP), where the description of the task is embedded in the input, such as a question, instead of being implicitly given. Prompt engineers are experts who can formulate queries that will yield the optimal result from systems like GPT, the powerful AI platform that can generate natural language responses based on any text input.

ChatGPT was introduced just four months ago, but it already has more than 100 million monthly users. The platform has been adopted by various industries, from Wall Street traders to Human Resource specialists, who are finding new ways to market or conduct research with this new content-AI tool. However, ChatGPT also poses some challenges and risks for companies that use it. For instance, the AI responses could contain misinformation, insensitive language, private data, and racial or ethnic bias, among other kinds of inappropriate content. Moreover, few financial institutions and technology firms have banned their employees from using ChatGPT, fearing that they might expose sensitive personal or financial data that could invite regulatory action.

This is where prompt engineers come in. Prompt engineers are trained to craft effective and safe prompts that can elicit the desired output from GPT or similar AI systems. They also know how to use techniques such as "prompt-based learning" or "prompt tuning" to optimise the performance of the language model. Prompt engineers can also leverage methods such as "chain-of-thought prompting" to improve GPT's ability to reason and generate coherent texts. Prompt engineering is a skill that requires creativity, logic, and domain knowledge.

Prompt engineering is not only a valuable skill for using ChatGPT, but also for other AI models that take text prompts as input and use them to generate outputs such as images, audio, or code. These models include DALL-E 2, Stable Diffusion, and Midjourney, which were released to the public in 2022. Prompt engineering is thus a versatile and transferable skill that can open up many opportunities in the AI field.

Prompt engineering is a relatively new and emerging field, but it is already in high demand with many companies that are using or developing generative AI tools. According to, there are currently 3,916 jobs posted for prompt engineers in the US, with an average salary range of $95,900 to $180,000 per year. Some companies that are hiring prompt engineers include Anthropic, Boston Children's Hospital, Fidelity Investments, Hive, Supernormal, and Transocean.

If you are interested in learning more about prompt engineering and how to become a prompt engineer, you can check out the online resources available on this topic. For example, Learn Prompting is a free site, where open-source courses on communicating with artificial intelligence that covers the basics and advanced topics of prompt engineering.

  • You can find online courses and tutorials on platforms such as Coursera or edX that cover topics such as natural language understanding, natural language generation, transformers, and language models.

  • Explore existing prompts and datasets for different tasks and models. You can find examples of prompts and datasets on websites such as PromptDB that display how to use GPT and other models for various tasks and domains.

  • Experiment with different prompts and models using online tools or notebooks. You can use platforms such as Hugging Face Spaces or Google Colab to interact with GPT and other models using different prompts and see how they respond. You can also use tools such as Prompt Engineering Studio or Prompt Toolkit to create and assess your own prompts.

  • Join online communities and competitions related to prompt engineering. You can find forums and groups on platforms such as LinkedIn Groups, Reddit or Discord where you can discuss prompt engineering with other enthusiasts and experts. You can also participate in competitions such as HackAPrompt Challenge or The Prompt Hero Challenges where you can showcase your skills and win prizes.

Prompt engineering is a new and exciting career path that combines creativity, logic, and domain knowledge. It is also a skill that will be in high demand as more companies adopt GPT and other AI platforms that rely on text prompts.

If you want to be part of the future of AI jobs in the age of ChatGPT and other AI tools, you might want to start learning prompt engineering today.

Let me know your thoughts and feedback, I'm in this learning journey too...

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